Festival Food Traditions: Nutritious at Heart

The moment we hear the word ‘festival’, our mouths start watering – #YummyFoodAlert! You can almost smell all those festive special lip-smacking goodies! The world over, food is at the heart of any celebration and families get started on the preparations months before the special day arrives. Here in India, every festival goes hand in […]

What’s on my plate?

It’s that time of the year – holiday mood and parties around every corner. Foodwise, caution is thrown to the wind and plates end up packed with food that is lower on the nutritional ladder. So the most important question this festive season is “What’s on my plate?”. Festival, party and ‘fun-foods’ are usually colourful, […]

7 winter foods that help keep your child safe and healthy

When we think of winter, we usually think of fixing the heater that has been down for the whole year or wearing warm clothes all the time. But did you know, there are other ways to keep your child safe during winter?  Most children are low on energy and catch a cold or flu during […]

Including Good Fats in your Child’s Diet

Nourishing our family and ourselves with nutritious foods and staying healthy has always been important, but its significance has skyrocketed during this pandemic. As parents, we want to do the best and provide our little ones with the right foods to keep them safe, shield them from diseases, support their growth and help them reach […]

Packing more protein into your child’s diet

Protein is the primary building block of the human body and therefore should comprise an essential part of a growing child’s diet. It plays so many important roles in a child’s development. It is involved in pretty much every physiological process that makes them into strong young adults, such as building muscle, aiding brain development, […]

Late Effects facing the Childhood Cancer Survivor: Screening and Management

With continued advances and improvement in paediatric cancer treatments, the population of children surviving cancers is growing. However, many of these childhood cancer survivors are at life-long risk of developing ‘Late Effects’ of treatment – consequences of the various therapies used to cure them of cancer. Life altering and sometimes, life threatening, these complications take […]

Role of Omega 3 in Paediatric Oncology

Side-effects of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy in combination with existing malnutrition are associated with adverse clinical outcomes in children with cancer. This write-up summarises the results of a comprehensive literature search on the role of omega-3 fatty acids in paediatric oncology that was published as a review article recently. The authors of the review […]

Eating Healthy During the Monsoon

Everyone welcomes the transition from the scorching summer heat in the months of April and May to the misty and cool monsoons that start in the month of June. It also ushers in the season of endless cups of hot ginger tea and a ravenous appetite for everything junk and unhealthy. How many of us […]

Potential for honey and photobiomodulation therapy for the management of oral mucositis in paediatric cancer patients

A new sub-analysis of data from studies involving paediatric patients shows that the use of honey and photobiomodulation therapy in the management of oral mucositis has encouraging potential.  Oral Mucositis (OM) that occurs as a result of cancer therapy, such as chemotherapy (CT), radiotherapy (RT), radio-chemotherapy (RT-CT) and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), can cause […]

Ways to improve your child’s iron intake

Daily intake of different vitamins and minerals is essential to keep your kids healthy. However, this often does not happen, and many children end up having nutritional deficiencies. One of the most common nutritional deficiencies in the world is that of iron. Iron plays a significant role in a child’s growth and overall health. It […]