Solve the childhood cancer crisis in India.

Feed the fight. Partner with us.

Solve the
childhood cancer
crisis in India.

Feed the fight. Partner with us.

Beating childhood cancer starts with eating well.

Childhood cancer is mostly curable. But for children in India, it’s a very different story. Lack of access to timely treatment and a 40% malnutrition rate among those seeking care is making survival difficult for our children.

Why we say #FoodHeals


children are more likely to stick with their treatment plan when nutrition is a part of it.*


of our patients improved or maintained their nutritional status despite cancer therapy.

Join the FoodHeals™ Partner Program

Sponsor one or many hospitals

Help provide a dedicated Paediatric Nutritionist + Food Aid to children seeking cancer treatment in a hospital or project area.

Sponsor a program

Sponsor nutritionist salaries or one of our food aid programs like ration bundles, supplements, hot meals, and in-meals.

Sponsor upskilling of our frontline

Healthcare practitioners need regular upskilling in paediatric oncology nutrition and allied subjects. Cuddles Institute of Clinical Nutrition is a project dedicated to this mission.

Donate in kind

Do you have a warehouse lying idle, media space that you own, or do you manufacture packaged food and supplements? No gift is too small.

Total Transparency

We understand that this is your hard-earned money, and we always use it responsibly. Here’s a list of reports we share with you so you always have a view on the impact you’re helping create.

Quarterly reports on grant utilisation and aid deployment along with authentic field stories and photographs.

Since donor visits to hospitals are paused due to the pandemic, we make sure you get to still interact with hospital staff every quarter over field calls.

We track our impact through our FoodHeals™ App. We also work seamlessly with CSR M&E partners like Goodera, Soulace, and Superhumans.

We are audited externally by Manohar Chowdhry & Associates.

Compliance is as important to us as it is to you.

We’re lucky to count on familiar faces to champion our cause.

Other ways to contribute.

Cannot sponsor a hospital or nutrition program? There are other ways through which you can help a child fight cancer.

Join companies like Google, Accenture, Mckinsey and Cactus Communications to encourage your employees to donate a little every month. We’re also listed on popular payroll giving platforms like GiveIndia, Benevity, CAF India and Global Giving.

You match every dollar donated by your employees or consumers via a memorable campaign.

Amplify the message of childhood cancer through a sustained 2-week social media campaign.

Sponsoring our fundraising events - virtual or otherwise - is another way to connect your consumers and employees with our mission.