Why Nutrition

For children with cancer,
nutrition can mean the difference
between life and death

Food makes medicine work

With the right nutrition and care, a child experiences:


Reduced side-effects and treatment complications.


Fewer breaks or delays in treatment.


Improved chances for survival and positive treatment outcomes.


Better immunity against infection.

Our Nutritionists are the backbone of our service

Trained at the best institutes of the country, they are carefully chosen for their knowledge, empathy, ability to work with children and survive in tough conditions. They are then trained in Pediatric Oncology by some of the best oncologists in the country at TATA Memorial Hospital.

What does a Cuddles Nutritionist do?

Step 1: Assess a child’s malnourishment level and medical condition

Step 2: Create diet plans specific to their need and disease

Step 3: Aid them with nutritional supplements, food, monthly ration

Step 4: Counsel moms and caregivers. Educate them on home-based nutrition

Step 5: Monitor progress and alter food intake based on it

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How does food heal?

Using a multi-pronged approach of nutritional counseling and diet planning, meal supplementation, ration baskets and hot meals, we are tackling a simple but ignored aspect of a child’s successful recovery from cancer.

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