What siblings are for

A story of a supportive bond

Meet a sister and a brother, and a community of goodwill working to surround them with the hope they need.

As 12-year-old Fatima fights B-Cell ALL at Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre in Jaipur, her elder brother Amir has been by her side. “I make a living working at an ironing shop and am the only earning member of my family. I love my sister and was shocked to hear of her diagnosis. Everyday finances are a big challenge for us, and the support we receive from the food and rations programme means the world to us. I know that my sister will be able to stay strong through her treatment and beat her cancer thanks to Pooja didi’s support.” Amir tells us.

Our nutritionist Pooja reports that Fatima’s nutrition status has improved from severely thin to well-nourished owing to the In-meals and Supplements programme that you help provide for her. Guiding families from rural backgrounds comes with an even greater sense of responsibility. We help them understand every step of the cancer treatment journey, help them cope with being in a new city where they come for treatment, and guide them through everything from nutrition to personal hygiene.

“My sister is very close to Pooja. She often waits to show her drawings, toys and books to her. It’s good to have her support. I do my best to help Fatima follow the diet chart Pooja didi has made for her and we are able to see the results with every visit.”, says Amir.

Pooja shares a similar fondness for Fatima. “She’s a very bright kid. ‘I want to study well, get a good job and take care of my family financially’ – is something she tells me often. She’s on the right path to recovery. I look forward to her being cancer-free.”

Thanks to Amir, Pooja and you, Fatima has every chance of winning her fight against cancer.

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