The only thing a mother doesn’t give, is give up.

A story on the greatest form of dedication.

Mothers are forever givers. If you think back to your mother or your grandmother, or possibly even yourself, the one thing that defines a mother’s journey is her capacity to give everything for her child, putting her own needs last on the list.

The only thing a mother doesn’t give, is give up.

6-year-old Sejal’s mama, Sona, is no different. This mother of 3 moved with her youngest one across the country from Telangana to Pune, Maharashtra, losing her job as a housekeeper but keeping her focus solely on treatment for her child.

Sejal is currently in treatment for Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at our partner hospital, Pune, and receives nutritional counselling and support from Purva, a Cuddles Pediatric Onco Nutritionist. Sona and her husband, a construction worker, were at first unable to wrap their heads around the diagnosis and what it meant for their child, their family and their finances. Purva met them 3 months ago when Sejal was on her 2nd cycle of chemotherapy. She guided them through how they were eligible for Cuddles’ Supplements, Ration and In-meals Programme, made possible through your support. She helped assure them that finding nourishment for their child to help her cope with her treatment journey was one worry they could strike off their list. This comforted Sona, and Purva’s journey of winning her trust began here.

Mothers are also curious and constant learners and Sona has been like a sponge.

“She has readily taken in every bit of advice that I provided, and that has helped improve her child’s nutritional status from Moderate Thinness to Mild Thinness”, Purva tells us.

Purva is also happy to report that Sejal waits to come in for her nutrition sessions, and it’s almost like she is her mother’s partner in learning and healing.

“Sejal is very open in her communication to me, and is willing to try out different changes to her diet. I attribute this to her mother’s positive attitude and unshakable spirit”.

“It’s touching to see how Sona puts Sejal’s needs above all else. We come across so many other young mothers like her on a day-to-day basis, and our hearts go out to them for the way they give everything they have for their children”. Purva concludes.

As the world celebrates motherhood this month, we extend our deepest gratitude to you as a donor and supporter of our work, for helping us make sure that no child or mother is fighting a cancer diagnosis on an empty stomach.

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