The meaning of ‘Mother’

A story of unconditional devotion.

Mother. Six letters that translate to so many things. Lifegiver. Life preserver. Unconditional support. Unfailing care. We know you feel that sounds #JustLikeMa.

When a body can pack in so much love and devotion, the hardest thing for her to wrap her head around is the thought of her child in pain. And it has been no different for Rathna, 7-year-old Madan’s mama.

Madan is a patient at our partner hospital in Bengaluru. B-cell Non Hodgkin Lymphoma has been rough on him. In addition to rigorous cancer therapy, he’s had two stints in the ICU, battling lung infection and meningitis. The effects, compounded by malnourishment.

Rathna, his mother, has been constantly by his side. You can understand why it’s the toughest thing she’s ever had to live through. Her housekeeping job had to be set aside, putting an additional strain on the family of 5 including her elderly mother. She’s had to beg for help. She has felt helpless. There have been days when she’s struggled to cope with the realities surrounding her. It’s only natural.

But none of that has stopped her from her single minded devotion to making her child better. “I can lose everything, except my child.” She’s worked tirelessly besides the doctors, nurses and nutritionist to get him the attention he needs.

“Madan wants to be an actor when he grows up. I want to do everything I can to help him chase his dreams.” Rathna tells us. “And I’m so grateful to Cuddles for giving me hope when I felt I had no help. Thanks to the ration bundle, I could feed my child and my family. Thanks to Daicy, our nutritionist, I could give him strength to tolerate and go through the treatment. When I felt weak, she gave me the confidence to be brave and stay focussed.”

With the support of our donors, Madan’s cancer treatment is supported by our nutrition counselling, Supplements, Ration and In-meals programme. He’s moved from being moderately thin to becoming well nourished and is battling his cancer positively. It’s a mother’s wish, coming true. It’s a tough illness. But Madan’s spirit is tougher, thanks to Rathna’s unconditional love and the unmatched power of wholesome nutrition.

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