The freedom to dream again

A story of finding hope

4-year-old Jashitha’s childhood had taken a step back owing to her diagnosis of Wilms Tumour that affects the kidney. At the partner hospital, her family hasn’t just found a team that’s working hard to cure their child – they have also found the invaluable feeling of Freedom.

Freedom from worry.

For her two loving parents, learning that their child would lose a kidney was the most difficult news they’ve had to digest. To add to their worry, Jashitha took time to accept oral feeds again.

“That’s where I was really able to use empathy and applied knowledge to make a difference”, Vasundhara, our clinical nutritionist tells us.

“Having worked with so many children, the one thing we learn is that often it’s not what they say, but the things they are unable to communicate that we should listen to the most. Building a rapport with her was crucial. Once she felt free to be herself around me, she became responsive to every intervention we had to provide”.

Freedom from uncertainty.

“Life was very uncertain for us in many ways for a long time. We lost our jobs because we had to put her treatment first, so having our meals provided for was a huge blessing. Moreover, we were just able to trust Vasundhara and that lightened our load a lot”, Jashitha’s mother tells us. Jashitha went from mild malnutrition to well nourished and is in maintenance mode now. Your continued support of Supplements, Ration and In-meals with the right nutritional guidance allows her parents to focus on her treatment.

Freedom from holding back on hopes.

For Jashitha’s mother, the future looks bright again –

“I finally feel free to dream of my child going to school, making friends, playing with her brother without any fears, singing, dancing, going to college and having a successful career. It’s the greatest feeling I’ve ever felt.”

Her joy warms our hearts!

Freedom to be a child again.

Here’s to little Jashitha. To a well nurtured and happily secured childhood.

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