Tata Mumbai Marathon: A Tradition of Hope and Healing at Cuddles

In the heart of Cuddles, the Tata Mumbai Marathon has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of team tradition, marking an annual celebration of hope and healing. Over the years, this marathon has become more than just a race; it’s a symbol of our collective commitment to making a difference in the lives of children we serve.

Every January, as the sun begins to peek over the horizon on a chilly winter Sunday morning, thousands of runners gather at the iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) in Mumbai. The Tata Mumbai Marathon is an occasion of epic proportions – a day eagerly awaited by participants and spectators alike. Among the sea of runners, you’ll find the pumped and motivated faces of the runners on Team Cuddles – each of us on the team laces up year after year to show up for the children in hospitals battling cancer. We root for them and their journey that can take them back to where they belong… the schools and the playgrounds!

Cuddles has been participating in the Tata Mumbai Marathon since 2018. What started with just a few runners has now grown into something truly extraordinary. In 2024, over 300 runners proudly wore the Cuddles T-shirt and readied to lace up their shoes and hit the streets of Mumbai.

Among them were the youngest members of the team – our Young Heroes. With their infectious enthusiasm and unwavering determination, these children were the heart and soul of Team Cuddles. Despite their age, they had taken on the responsibility of championing the cause, running not just for themselves but for the children who were in hospitals battling the hardest challenge of their lives. Their commitment was nothing short of inspiring, as they dedicated countless hours to training for the race day. From early morning runs to evening workouts, they poured their hearts into preparing for the marathon, knowing that every step they took would make a difference.

But they weren’t alone in their efforts. Alongside them were the corporate supporters, who were determined to do their bit to help nourish children fighting cancer. In 2023, five corporates stood by our side, offering their encouragement and support. And this number increased in 2024. Not content with simply cheering from the sidelines, these professionals laced up their shoes and hit the pavement, showing their solidarity with our children and their families.

Every year, Cuddles not only aims to surpass its fundraising goals but also strives to create a lasting impact on the lives of those we aim to support.

As the starting gun sounded and the race began, there was a sense of excitement in the air. For Team Cuddles, it wasn’t just about crossing the finish line – it was about raising awareness, raising funds, and most importantly, raising hope. With each step they took, they were sending a powerful message: that together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

The significance of the Tata Mumbai Marathon tradition at Cuddles lies not just in the funds raised, but in the stories of resilience and determination that unfold with every stride. Runners, sponsors, and volunteers alike become part of a larger narrative—one that emphasizes the power of collective effort in making a positive change.

Efforts to fundraise through the marathon mean that children like 6 year old Archana and 15 year old Kunal are feeling stronger and better nourished and are coping with the side effects of cancer treatment well. It means that they can set their sights on the playground and the classroom once again.

Off the track, it’s the hospital visits by runners that are a highlight of our Tata Mumbai Marathon experience. It’s incredibly meaningful for our runners to interact with the beneficiaries of our cause, reminding them of the impact of their efforts and fueling their motivation to keep pushing forward.

The Tata Mumbai Marathon may be just one day out of the year, but for Team Cuddles, it represents so much more. It’s a celebration of strength, of unity, and of the incredible things that can happen when we come together for a common cause. As we look forward to the coming editions of the marathon, we do so with excitement and anticipation, knowing that with each passing year, the impact only grows stronger.

Do you want to join us? Whether you’re a seasoned runner, a generous donor, or a supporter cheering from the sidelines, your involvement can be a crucial part of this annual team event. Together, let’s continue making Tata Mumbai Marathon at Cuddles a tradition that leaves an indelible mark on the lives we touch.

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