It takes a believer to survive cancer!

19-year-old Inam’s desire to live makes him do the right things

It has been almost ten years since nineteen-year-old Inam has lived with cancer. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer in the lymphatic system – a part of the immune system that helps fight diseases and infections. Inam’s long battle with cancer has come to an end. He is now cancer-free.

Inam grew stronger thanks to the Cuddles Supplement Program that you generously support.

Manpreet, our nutritionist at AIIMS Delhi, informs, “Inam has shown tremendous improvement since our nutritional intervention. He has fought the side-effects of treatment successfully because of his strong desire to get better. He is a determined person with big dreams and works hard to achieve them.”

Inam, who is now in the 10th grade, is working hard to make up for the last decade. He dreams of improving his family’s quality of life by becoming an engineer. Inam is a special person because of his ability to extract wisdom from the toughest of situations. He says, “I am a believer. If you take care of yourself and follow the treatment without worrying about the result, you will win this battle.”

Inam has been a big pillar of support for his parents, who were devastated by their son’s diagnosis. He adds, “My father is a daily wager. During the pandemic, my father fell ill, and my mother and I started to work. My two elder brothers don’t live with us – It isn’t very easy. I understand how tough this must have been on my parents. I asked my mother to have faith and that I will take care of the family once I become an engineer. Everything will change soon.”

Good food makes medicine work. Your support has helped Inam and many others like him have a chance at a better future.

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