Nutritionists by profession. #JustLikeMa by passion.

Talk to any Cuddles nutritionist and this is the impression you will get. While they may have trained to be excellent healthcare professionals, they were born with exceptional caring genes.

Let this story of 3-year-old Anjali, a patient at Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (CCHRC) and her nutritionist Juhi show you 3 important ways our nutritionists step up to be #JustLikeMa.

When Anjali was diagnosed with B-Cell, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL), her grandfather, Ranajay, had to take responsibility for her treatment. Ranajay elaborates, “My daughter is a psychiatric patient, and her husband left her when she was pregnant with Anjali. We were not ready for either this or Anjali’s diagnosis, but we did what had to be done.” Ranajay took every pain to make sure that Anjali got a spot at the best hospital he had access to. And that’s where Anjali’s relationship with Juhi began.

ONE: Our nutritionists live to care, mom-style!

Juhi quickly realised that she needed to fill a few different roles in Anjali and her grandfather’s life. “Anjali comes from a highly dysfunctional household. She is also very young and had very little idea about what was going on. But these things do leave an impression. So in addition to nutritional aid and counselling, I realised I had to support Anjali and her grandfather emotionally so they don’t feel alone”, Juhi tells us.

TWO: They pay mom-level attention to detail.

Like every single one of our attentive nutritionists, Juhi worked closely with Anjali and her grandfather on a calorie-dense diet with the right mix of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates for her age and needs. She also constantly monitored and assessed Anjali’s progress to introduce timely interventions, if needed.

Under her careful attention, Anjali’s health has improved, and she is now well-nourished.

THREE: They make every day a little more joyful.

Anjali’s time alone with her nutritionist has also had a positive impact on her ability to relate with others around her. Anjali waits for the little gifts Juhi hands out to brighten her day and encourage her love for painting. “Anjali is overjoyed when she sees me entering the hospital in the mornings. She waits behind the door to catch my attention and finds ways to meet me every day.”, Juhi gushes.

This Mother’s Day, here’s to our wonderful nutritionists who show up to work every day with every intention to care for a child #JustLikeMa.

When you donate to our cause, you help them ensure that the children under their care have every chance to get better. You make all the hard work they put in have stronger chances of working and winning.

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