Mother on a mission

A story of tough choices and a strong spirit

Nurangina, an adorable little 4-year-old, is fighting the battle against Pre B ALL at our partner hospital. Her mother, who is fighting an added struggle against an unsupportive husband, is by her side all the way, night and day. With your support, both of them are winning.

“Nurangina’s father was not willing to learn more about the disease we were up against, and it angered him that I wanted to get her treated. So I went against him and made sure Nurangina found care in the hospital. I knew only a doctor could save my child’s life.”

This was no easy feat for Ruksana, her mother, who makes her living with a low-paying job at a tailoring shop. But the nutrition programme you support makes it possible for her to give her child the nourishment she needs to stay strong despite their financial and familial struggles.

Rosy, our clinical nutritionist, reports –

“After I put her on the Supplements, Rations and In-meals programme, Nurangina has gone from a status of ‘mild acute malnourished’, to well nourished. This has helped her fight the side effects of cancer therapy successfully. I hope this story can encourage more caregivers to choose what’s best for their child even when they face resistance.”

“The support we receive means the world to me. Rosy has had such an impact on Nurangina. My little one often goes home and, in the same manner that Rosy counsels her, she counsels her sisters or friends!” Ruksana tells us. We’ve got word that this bright 4-year-old is already planning her future career – “I want to be a nurse,” she declares to us, earnestly.

Ruksana’s situation of a lack of familial support is sadly not an uncommon one. Which is all the more reason why your support so often empowers a caregiver to put their child first. And even though it might be the harder path to walk down, they choose to travel it feeling comforted and less alone.

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