Companionship is a nurturing force

A story of friendship and courage

16-year old Lazina was diagnosed with Ewings sarcoma, a type of cancer that affects a person’s bones. But thanks to your support, she has been able to successfully complete her treatment at our partner hospital. From a child who could barely walk, to a child who now can run to school with a happy heart and a nourished body – this is Lazina’s story.

When our nutritionist Afreen first met her, she was severely thin and weak. As a result, Afreen put her on to our Supplements, Ration, In-meals programmes. This also helped her family financially as they were already struggling under the weight of a housing loan and unemployment.

“The word ‘cancer’ broke our hearts and scared us all”, Lazina’s mother shares. “But as we began to talk to our caring doctors & nutrition team, we learnt to focus on what we could do to help Lazina make it through. My one wish is for all parents who share my situation to follow the guidance from those giving our children care in these hard times. Through hard days at the ICU to low BP episodes and so much more, we’re grateful to have had a caring team by our side.”

Afreen, our clinical nutritionist tells us of the sister-like bond she shares with Lazina.

“While on one hand we share a special friendship, on the other hand, I’m like a strict older sister who Lazina doesn’t like to disappoint. This helps her follow her diet as planned.”

Afreen is just one of our many nutritionists who work on the principle that nourishment isn’t just through meals, but through honest human connection.

So what’s Lazina looking forward to now that her nutritional status has taken a positive turn, and her cancer treatment is done? – “I can’t wait to get back to my science textbooks! I want to work hard and become a good doctor!”

Thanks to donors like you who are fuelling their fight against cancer, children like Lazina now have a chance to grow up cancer-free. 

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