Almost 18, already a champ.

A girl getting ready for the world.

For most children completing class 10, the biggest challenge on their minds is their final exams. But not for Lalita Devi. Life threw a completely different test her way – a test of her mind, body & spirit – a test of her will to fight cancer and live.

Today, at 17 years old, Lalita is in the maintenance phase of her treatment for B-cell ALL at our partner hospital in Jammu. When Rashika, our nutritionist, first met her in February 2023, Lalita’s grade of malnutrition was categorised as ‘Severe Thinness’. She was an unbelievable 28.2 kgs.——— Let’s all take a minute to really let that number sync in. ——– A nearly-17 year old at almost half the weight of an average girl her age, her body struggling to cope with powerful cancer treatment.

Lalita has been a beneficiary of our FoodHeals Supplements, Ration and In-meals programme.

“The first step was counselling and helping her understand the reason to have faith in the diet plan. We managed to improve her routine.” Rashika, tell us. “Then I included In-meals into her diet that helped with weight gain. And when supplements were added to her diet, within just 15 days, a definitive positive uptick in her weight and improvement in grade of malnutrition was observed.”

Lalita and her family are from Ramban and currently live on the hospital premises. “I was keen to learn about how food can help me. Me and my family asked Rashika Didi many questions, and she helped us understand everything”, Lalita tells us.

Lalita’s father’s gratitude and renewed sense of hope knows no bounds now.

“Though God made her ill, he still sent good people to cure her not only from cancer but from hunger. I’m so grateful for all the kind souls who now care for my daughter. It feels Rashika Ma’am treats Lalitha like she is her own child”.

We ask Lalita what’s on her goal sheet for the near future. “Step 1 is to go back to school. Step 2 is to study hard. Step 3 is to become a doctor and help people fight illness with courage”, this brave teenager tells us with a hopeful grain. With your constant and continuing support keeping step with her dreams, we’re hoping she’ll be able to meet everyone of those goals with flying colours.

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