A nap on a lap

A story of trust & healing

Cancer is a challenge to treat. The puzzle requires all the more attention when the patient is a 2-year-old baby battling B-cell ALL, who feels pain but has no way to express in words what she needs and wants. But that didn’t stop Jesindha, our Cuddles Nutritionist at the partner Hospital, Trichy from becoming one of little Illampraiyal’s favourite people in the world.

Jesindha tells us – “When I first met Illampraiyal, she was categorised as  being ‘mildly thin’. But she’s well nourished now with the help of our nutrition programme. This was a unique case – I was dealing with a baby who came to us in a critical state. The baby’s mother needed a lot of emotional support and positive reinforcement to stay optimistic as she had no help from her family. Her father, a labourer, struggled to get a fixed job. It’s a challenging responsibility being head of the family, especially when you have to get by on a daily labourer’s wages. As a Cuddles nutritionist, I knew I had to do everything I could to be there for them emotionally.”

Illampraiyal and her family have been able to tide over the physical, emotional and financial strain of cancer treatment with your support. The rations, supplements & in-meals have helped them stay strong.

“The medication ruined her appetite. I had to watch carefully and closely monitor her to figure out what food she would enjoy eating. Once I started understanding her better and made the necessary changes to her diet plan, her appetite increased, and so did her energy levels. It’s been a joy to see her grow more active day by day. She trusts me now. She trusts me so much that she even falls asleep on my lap.”, Jesindha tells us with well-earned pride.

Illampraiyal’s mother had to leave her job as a teacher to be with her little girl round the clock. With your help, we’re doing our best to help make sure that she’s cured, and that both of them can make it to a classroom very soon.

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