A 6-year-old child fighting cancer uses YouTube to liven up his food

Naninz is a chef in the making as he guides his mother on new ways of making nutritious meals

Today, children may be addicted to phones and technology like no generation before them. But for children fighting cancer who are restricted in movement and are devoid of activities that once provided them pleasure, technology can be a saviour. Naninz who is currently undergoing treatment for Leukaemia at the Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh is no different. Over the last two months, he has been using technology to bring back some taste in his life.

He was diagnosed with Leukaemia two months ago after which he moved to Dibrugarh from Pasighat to undergo chemotherapy.

“Initially, he would often cry. But something in him changed over the last month, and he developed a special interest in food,” says Purabi who is his Nutritionist at the Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh. Naninz’s father works with the police, so he begins his food trail by inspecting each food item from the Cuddles Ration Program. Paying particular attention to the ingredients listed on the food packaging, he proceeds to search the ingredients by name on YouTube. Once he is sure that the ingredient is good for him, he finds an exciting recipe on YouTube to go with it. With his keen interest in food, he has learnt ways to turn ingredients that were once bland for him into concoctions that combine flavour and health. “Thanks to Naninz I have learnt how to turn sattu into delicious sherbets,” informs Naninz’s mother who enjoys making food directed by her 6-year-old. “Add sattu, add water and then a dash of lemon. I will drink it up,” remarks a cheery Naninz. The north-east is famous for its momos, but with the newly acquired skills he has learnt to enjoy them without any guilt – Aatta over Maida, he vouches!

The other thing he has learnt to love from the Cuddles Ration Kit is besan which provides the right amounts of potassium, iron, Vitamin B-6 and magnesium. His daily diet often includes besan chillas, which he loves.

Naninz has a long way to go to complete his treatment, but with this newfound hobby, he’s scripting his recovery. We hope that Naninz continues to nurture his interest in food even after cancer. If he ever becomes a chef, please remember you have had a role to play in it!

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