A 10-year-old watches his progress like a hawk

Being obedient is one thing but supervising his mother for his nutritional needs is stoic.

Iftikar Hussain does not have it easy. He suffers from childhood leukaemia, the most common type of cancer in children and teens. It is a cancer of the white blood cells when abnormal white blood cells form in the bone marrow and raise the body’s chances of infection and other problems. But nothing about his condition deters Iftikar who is currently admitted at the Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh. He is almost 400 km away from his hometown Lakhimpur, a town which primarily lives on paddy cultivation. His father, a vegetable vendor, and mother have also temporarily moved to Dibrugarh to be with Iftikar.

“This move has brought me away from my work and caused financial stress on the family. Thanks to the Cuddles Ration Program I am happy that Iftikar’s health will not suffer and we are hoping that with due care he will make a good recovery,” says Anwar, Iftikar’s father.

Through the Cuddles Ration Program, Iftikar has a steady supply of 33 food items every month. Purabi, who is Cuddles’ Nutritionist tending to Iftikar at the Assam Medical College, is confident that the carefully chosen food items will provide Iftikar strength and the ability to fight infections. “We source the food items from trusted food vendors and customise the food intake depending on what is needed by each child,” adds Purabi. It is not easy for Ifitikar’s parents to keep track of his needs, a child who loved biscuits and Maggi before his diagnosis.

“When I met Iftikar, he weighed 24.3 kgs, but after counselling him on the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet, he turned around quickly. He is an obedient child and follows the diet religiously,” informs Purabi who is happy with the weight Iftikar has put on after the new diet plan.

Iftikar is so involved in his ration intake that he sometimes supervises his mother on his nutritional needs by reminding her about any meal supplements she might have missed out. Our team of Nutritionists also guide parents on creative ways of preparing food that is both healthy and loved by the child. “I enjoy the Dalia my mother has learnt to prepare with eggs and vegetables,” says Iftikar. Food items like Dalia are made from cracked wheat, which is high in protein, fibre, and iron. The goodness of Dalia and the other 32 food items as part of the Cuddles Ration Program is healing many children like Iftikar.

Iftikar’s father feels positive about the coming days, and he relies equally on God’s blessings and your support so that they can return to Lakhimpur with a healthier son.

Your support gives children like Iftikar a chance at cure.

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