Hyderabad-based biker goes on 100-day ride to help kids with cancer

Hyderabad: Sandeep KB, an avid biker wished to travel across the country on his bike, but a busy career at an MNC didn’t leave him much time to follow his passion. However, when the pandemic struck, Sandeep witnessed how uncertain life can be.

“I observed a few things during the second wave of Covid that changed my perspective, reminded me of the fragility of life and reignited this dream,” he says. The biker then decided to go on a 100-day All India Bike Ride to raise funds for underprivileged children battling cancer.

MNJ was the first hospital he visited before the start of his journey, Sandeep says adding it was a really special moment for him. “I had only heard about the kids till then, but once I visited the hospital, I witnessed their suffering firsthand. I saw how worried their parents were, interacted with doctors and nutritionists, and the impact of Cuddles Foundation,” he says.

Following the visit, he knew riding for this cause was the right decision and he covered 17,000 km travelling across 28 States and 6 union territories in 100 days. Sandeep has been vocal about the SDG #2 – Zero Hunger and wanted to work on this cause for his ride.

“I started this ride with no backing of any sort, using up all my life savings with an intention to do something for the underprivileged. There were days when I travelled all along through heat waves, sub-zero temperatures in Ladakh and floods in the North East. Seeing the children ignited my passion to finish the odyssey somehow and raise as many funds as I could for them,” reflects Sandeep.

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Published by: Telangana Today
on July 8, 2022

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