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Mumbai based agency took to social media to introduce the art curated by cancer patients on it’s partnered brand pages

Mumbai: Fruitbowl Digital recently carried out a social media campaign on World Cancer Day, 4th February 2017 for its clientele to spread awareness about children affected by cancer. Going beyond the pink campaign, the Mumbai-based digital marketing agency in partnership with Cuddles foundation, India’s only NGO providing holistic nutritional counseling, intervention and care to underprivileged children afflicted with cancer, took the initiative to do something special on this vital day. To support the cancer survivors and patients and boost their morale, the agency published artworks curated by cancer patients on the social media pages for brands like Mumbai Metro, TATA Nx, Jain Farm Fresh, and Ada Chikan.

Speaking about this initiative, Fruitbowl Digital’s Co-founder, Faisal Amin said, “Keeping World Cancer Day in mind we are trying to spread awareness among the people through this initiative in hopes of uniting people all over the world in the fight against cancer. We are more than delighted to provide a platform where the cancer children can showcase their artistic side. The list of clients we can convince to do the right thing is growing every day and there is much more in store.”

The brands Mumbai Metro, TATA Nx, Jain Farm Fresh and Ada Chikan readily agreed to the initiative to post the creatives made by children on their social media platforms. World Cancer Day was celebrated pleasantly by this small initiative taken by the agency.

“Our children are brave little warriors and our inspiration. And what makes our work easier are our well wishers who support us and help spread awareness about the importance of nutrition during cancer treatment. In the hospital, the one thing that keeps our children occupied is art. Art is therapeutic and it generates a sense of calmness. When we were approached by Fruitbowl Digital, we were happy to share with them some of the artwork of our children; paintings and greeting cards made by the kids in the hospital on various occasions.”, said Purnota Dutta Bahl, Founder & CEO, Cuddles Foundation.

Dr. Rama Sivaram, a member of the Nag foundation, and a survivor of the deadly disease, also contributed towards the initiative with her own paintings. The world could use more people like the ones at Fruitbowl Digital, Cuddles Foundation & Nag Foundation, don’t you think? Faith in humanity restored.

Project #FruitPrints is a digital CSR initiative undertaken by Fruitbowl Digital where the agency strives to address various important social issues over time and create adequate awareness. As a part of the initiative, the agency plans to leave a footprint by being more responsible towards the communities in which they exist. The cancer day activity provided depth and soul to the content strategy of its partnered brands.

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Published on February 07, 2017

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