Nutritionist Zonal Head

At Cuddles Foundation, our mission is to bring holistic nutritional support to every child fighting cancer in India. 

We work through partnerships with 30+ government and charitable hospitals across India that treat underprivileged children for cancer. Our Nutritionists, trained specifically for Paediatric Cancer Nutrition, are placed in these government hospitals. They monitor the child’s progress, create diet plans and nutritional charts, counsel their parents and educate them in home-based nutrition. We provide children undergoing treatment with food, hot meals, nutritional supplements and ration baskets as per their requirements so that the kids have the strength to fight cancer. Food Heals.

About the Role: Nutritionist Zonal Head 

As we take a leap into the next decade, we’re launching four new roles that allow our Nutritionists to be in leadership positions. As a Nutritionist Zonal Head, of East/West/South, you will be responsible for all Nutritionists’ performance and management within your assigned zone of hospitals. You will be trained and mentored to take on this new role that prepares you to be a manager. You will cultivate your team and be a role model of excellence and integrity to them.


  • You will ensure the Nutritionists in your zone conduct counselling sessions of every child in their respective hospitals every day
  • You will build a strong team within the hospitals you work in and participate in hiring and training as and when necessary
  • You will communicate and build a positive relationship with all the Doctors within your zone
  • You will plan for long-term absenteeism in your assigned zone, making sure no centre is left unattended without a Nutritionist
  • You will champion technology. You are comfortable with technology and will ensure seamless and error-free adoption of the FoodHeals App amongst your Nutritionists
  • You will ensure that the Nutritionists from their hospitals send monthly reports, success stories and/or case studies and they are collated and sent to your line manager as per agreed deadlines
  • You are thorough in your understanding of programs across all hospitals in your assigned zone and ensure smooth functioning as per planned budgets.
  • You’ll guide the Nutritionists reporting to you, mentor them, help them with tough cases during weekly case calls and document them
  • You’ll develop innovative counselling techniques to help through difficult cases
  • You’ll assist in research, training and publishing case studies/papers
  • This role requires you to travel to all hospitals within the assigned zone and be at the hospitals for 8 hours (9.30 am – 5:30 pm)
  • You will continue to assess, counsel and plan diets for pediatric oncology and haematology

patients in the IPD & OPD at the hospital where you are stationed

  • You’ll support the execution of special initiatives as needed
  • You’ll share a weekly report on the impact and outcomes of your and your team’s work with the Head Nutritionist
  • You’ll be responsible for the performance of the Nutritionists in your appointed region
  • You will address their concerns and involve the Head Nutritionist whenever necessary

Must Haves

  • You have a Masters in Clinical Nutrition with 5+ years of experience as a Nutritionist
  • You have an exceptional ability to self-manage your work and time
  • You have a proven track record of top performance in your career
  • You are comfortable with long-distance travel within your assigned zone, including overnight stays
  • You have high EQ and interpersonal skills and possess the presence and passion for representing the organisation to a variety of people – patients, donors, doctors and hospital staff.
  • You are good with MS Office applications, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel.


You are a leader.
You can inspire your team to work towards achieving the necessary goals. You can provide leadership for peers, subordinates and partners.

You have a proven track record of experience in nutrition management.
You have at least one year of experience in nutrition management.

You stay on top of it all.
You have excellent communication skills, both spoken and written. You are a thorough professional and great at resolving problems quickly and effectively.

You work well with people, even if you don’t see them every day.
You have experience working across cultures and demographics. You’re attuned to the inherent hurdles that exist in working in a public health set-up.

You’re an avid team player.
You’re confident in your skills and not afraid to speak your mind, but you know how to put the team first.

You understand the value of our supporters.
You make sure our supporters know how much they matter to our mission. You’re able to get anyone excited about what we do and make their experience with us unique. You’re inviting, discerning and thoughtful.


We’re looking for positions at East, West and South Zones. This opportunity is open for candidates across India.

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