Vibha’s Story

Severely malnourished and diagnosed with Blood Cancer, 12-year old Vibha underwent nutrition therapy at Cuddles. Two years later she gained 14 kilos and is now under maintenance.

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Nearly two years ago, a 12-year old Vibha Singh started getting intermittent spells of fever. Initially, she was at the mercy of a village doctor who failed to treat her. She moved clinic to clinic with no diagnosis in sight until she reached SGPGI hospital in Lucknow.  

SGPGI doctors diagnosed her as having blood cancer. A piece of news that would leave her parents confused and distraught. Worried that she might pass on her disease to her brothers, Vibha and her mother moved into a single room near the hospital. At the hospital, Cuddles Nutritionist, Swamitha, prescribed an intense 5-month nutritional rehabilitation programme for Vibha to boost her immunity. She was severely undernourished, and so Swamitha also put her on our monthly ration program and supplements. 

The Monthly Ration and the food provided during her treatment at the hospital helped Vibha, and she started to gain weight. Both she and her mother depended entirely on the monthly ration bundle for their nutritional intake. While her father, Kaptan Singh, a construction labourer, was away from his daughter working in the village to support his family and the education of his two sons.  

Vibha, still a kid at heart, always looked forward to her chocolate flavoured drink which was part of the supplements prescribed to her.  

Thanks to your support, Vibha’s health is improving, and she is currently under maintenance. Her recovery is a success story of how cancer treatment, coupled with nutrition therapy is essential for child cancer patients to fight cancer. Your support helps us bring food to families who cannot afford to take care of the nutritional needs of their children in treatment.

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