An underprivileged family gets help in time.

Story of how nutrition is healing a sweet, adaptive child.

This is the story of Yashaswini, a 9-year-old girl from Shivamogga, a city in Karnataka, who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL) at KMC, Manipal. Before her diagnosis, Yashaswini spent time studying and playing with her friends and two elder sisters back home.

Lalitha, Yashaswini’s mother, found it very hard to accept the diagnosis because of its severity, but they managed to make peace and do what is best for Yashaswini. She says, “My husband and I are daily wage workers, and the situation has been bad for us. Our biggest challenge was being away from home so that Yashaswini could get the right treatment. We eventually found a place in the hospital dormitory, and that made a lot of difference.

Yashaswini has been on the Supplement and In-Meal Program at KMC, Manipal, since November 2020. She has taken well to the treatment prescribed by Deepa, our nutritionist at KMC, Manipal. Deepa says, “Yashaswini is a very adaptive child, and I have not faced any difficulty in making her follow the prescribed diet. Both her height and weight have shown positive improvements. She is currently under the consolidation cycle, which is the second cycle of chemotherapy, and despite that, she has put on weight.”

Lalitha will return to her home in Shivamogga when Yashaswini enters the maintenance cycle. They will be required to visit the hospital for regular checkups before Yashaswini is declared a cancer survivor. Lalitha is hopeful about her daughter’s recovery, she says, “I was scared and confused about everything, but now I feel confident as Yashaswini is feeling better and putting on weight. Deepa is like family to us, and that gives us a lot of comfort.”

Many underprivileged mothers like Lalitha have a chance at saving their daughter’s lives because of your help. We are very grateful for your constant support.

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