Great medicine needs good food.

Five-year-old Victor from Assam is a bright and playful child despite being diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (RAM phenotype), a relatively new kind of cancer with extremely poor recovery rates.

Nikita, our nutritionist at CT Mumbai, says, “Victor does not understand the severity of his condition because of his age and that frees him from the mental burden of the disease. He is extremely energetic in the hospital.” Unlike Victor, it has been tough for his parents to make sense of their son’s diagnosis. Jonali, Victor’s mother, who moved from Assam to Mumbai for the treatment, adds, “We were very shocked, but we just wanted Victor to get out of this mess. My only recommendation to other families dealing with a similar situation is not to delay the treatment for their child. Timing is very important.”

Thanks to your help, Victor was lucky to get proper nutritional intervention at the right time. Since Victor’s from the northeast, he found it difficult to adjust to Mumbai’s food. According to Nikita, “Earlier, he would eat bananas and white rice. But with other options in our ration bundle, he was able to follow the prescribed diet plan and increase his food intake. Victor’s mother is a good listener and a great cook; she closely follows all our nutritional counselling sessions. Her recipes are also quite innovative and healthy. She shares it with us often, and it helps us think outside the box too.”

Victor has access to good food through the Cuddles Ration and Supplement Program. The ration bundle has nutritious foods like legumes and other regional staples, important for a child’s growth, and provides strength.

Victor’s mother, Jonali, is also grateful for the Supplement and Ration Program. She says, “The nutrition program reduced our financial expenditure on food, and so we could focus on treatment. The recipes suggested by Nikita have improved his health and weight and have made him strong enough to face the treatment with fewer side effects.”

Jonali also points out the importance of building a bond with the child to make him feel better and help him eat better. She speaks about the special relationship that her son shares with Nikita, despite the language barrier. “Victor’s eyes light up with excitement at the sight of Nikita. I remember one time when he refused to let Nikita leave the room after a nutritional counselling session.”

Great medicine needs good food. Victor has both on his side, thanks to the doctors at CT Mumbai and you, who are ensuring that he’s well-nourished for treatment.

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