5-year-old Vansh steadily fights cancer!

Story of how mental and physical strength is slowly healing a young life.

5-year-old Vansh Sahani, from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, was diagnosed with PNET (Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor) in August 2019. PNETs contain underdeveloped brain cells, are highly malignant, and tend to spread throughout the central nervous system.

When he came to HBCH, Varanasi, Vansh was severely malnourished at 10.5 kgs and was bound to a wheelchair for the treatment. The side-effects of chemotherapy had both physical and mental implications for Vansh. While the Cuddles ghee, lassi, and milkshake program helped Vansh gain almost 5 kgs, positive reinforcement and counseling helped him feel more at peace with the process.

Niqhat Rizivi, our Nutritionist at HBCH, Varanasi, is overjoyed with the progress Vansh has made over a year. She says, “Vansh has slowly broken out of his shell. From being a quiet and shy child, he has found a way to make connections with the world outside” This improvement in his mental well-being reflects well on his ability to follow the prescribed diet.

“Vansh was very weak and withdrawn when he started treatment here. But thanks to Niqhat’s efforts, he has now put-on almost 5 kgs, he was 10.5 kgs when he was admitted to the hospital, and now, he weighs 15.1 kgs. The ghee especially helped. We hope that Vansh only grows stronger from here and does not relapse,” says Vansh’s father.

Apart from the weight gain, Vansh has responded well to the treatment and is on the maintenance cycle for the next four years. He will be visiting the hospital for regular check-ups every three months for the next one and a half years before being declared a cancer survivor.

Vansh looks forward to visiting his grandparents and playing like old times, once he has fully recovered. Vansh has a chance of living his dream of becoming a police officer and getting his old life back because of your support.

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