“Cancer is curable if you trust the process and do not lose heart.”

Story of how a considerate 14-year-old is helping himself and others like him.

14-year-old Umakanth was first diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL) in September 2020, and his world changed after that. However, there is something exceptional about Umakanth that both helps and inspires Sahiti, our Nutritionist at MNJ, Hyderabad. Sahiti recalls how brave and calm Umakanth has been during the course of the treatment, “Umakanth has a very nurturing personality. He has the capacity to look after himself and also the others around him. He has taken this adverse situation in his stride and spends time constructively despite the discomfort of undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Umakanth, who has two more months of chemotherapy ahead of him, derives his character from his father Sinu, who works as a watchman. Sinu says, “My son was severely malnourished when he began his treatment. We did not have the financial capacity to provide for his treatment or nutritional requirements. This was when Sahiti’s guidance and the Cuddles Ration Program ensured that Umakanth is well nourished to cope with chemotherapy’s side-effects and grow stronger. We all feel very motivated by this support.”

After repeated interactive nutritional sessions and counselling by Sahiti, Umakanth and his parents started understanding the importance of nutrition in defeating cancer. Sahiti adds, “Umakanth takes a lot of interest in his treatment and the treatment of the other children in the ward. He loves to monitor his progress on the Cuddles Application to assess how his daily intake improves his health. Because of his kind and observant disposition, he subconsciously recalls the other children’s diet charts in the ward. He is quick to point out any ingredient that someone misses out from their diet charts.”

Over the last few months of his treatment, Umakanth’s weight has registered a gradual increase, and the chemotherapy-induced side effects have also reduced. His mother is also very keen on knowing different healthy recipes for him so that the Cuddles Ration Kit is properly used.

Sinu is grateful for the well-timed help his family has received thanks to you. He is passing on your goodness by helping other families in the hospital by motivating them and sharing his experience with them. “Cancer is curable if you trust the process and don’t lose heart,” concludes Sinu, who looks forward to his son having a bright future as a policeman one day. This would not have been possible without you! Thank you for being a positive force in Umakanth’s life.

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