Thirumurugan gears up to become a doctor!

Story of how a 10-year-old has completed his treatment and is on the road to saving lives.

10-year-old Thirumurugan is an extremely open child and has a keen eye for his surroundings. Undergoing treatment for Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL) can be tiring, making it challenging for patients to follow all the clinical procedures closely. But Thirumurugan has taken the physical discomfort in his stride and is curious about the prescribed food.

Pavithra, our nutritionist at MMHRC, Madurai recollects, “Thirumurugan can assess his situation with logic and emotion. Through various instances, I have come to realise that he has a kind and nurturing soul. I have seen him encourage other caregivers at the hospital by listening to their struggles. For a 10-year-old to say that his mother inspires him to fight it out is extremely heartening.”

Thanks to your consistent support, Thirumurugan has successfully completed his cancer treatment. You help make this difficult journey easier for children like Thirumurugan by sponsoring their nutrition. Often, it is the only support they have. Marikalai, Thirumurugan’s father, says, “We are a very poor family that depends on daily wage, and the lockdown made our condition worse. We struggled for food even when we had work. Thanks to Cuddles’ Programs, we were able to provide our son with food that saved his life.”

Wise beyond his years, Thirumurugan understands what his family and he have been through. He wants to grow up to be a doctor and treat those who cannot afford treatment. And, he’s studying hard to fulfil his dream. They say if you enable one child, you enable many more. Thank you for partnering with us in this circle of change.

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