9-year-old Tanushree gears up for a brighter tomorrow.

Story of how a girl fighting cancer is slowly bouncing back.

9-year-old Tanushree Barman, from Koch Bihar, a city in West Bengal, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL) in June 2019 and was admitted to NRS, Kolkata as a mildly malnourished child. In the initial phase of her treatment, Tanushree was on a high dosage of chemotherapy, which resulted in a loss of appetite and nausea.

“As part of the Cuddles Supplement and In-meal Program, she had access to nutritious food like high-protein supplements like Pediagold, milkshake, lassi, chikki, and butter, which improved her sense of taste and increased her appetite,” informs Shrabashi Dev, our Nutritionist at NRS, Kolkata. She adds, “Tanushree benefitted from the three-month Ration Program that was provided to children during lockdown to make sure they had a back-up supply of food during emergencies.”

Tanushree now weighs 25 kgs, and her grade of nutrition has shifted from mild thinness to well-nourished. Dipika Barman, Tanushree’s mother, who is also her best friend, says, “We were very distressed with Tanushree’s diagnosis. There was a lot of confusion about the right treatment and how this disease would progress in the future. We also weren’t financially ready for many options.”

Tanushree is now in the maintenance phase, and thanks to your support, we’ve been able to give her family the much-needed motivation required to follow through with the treatment. “We feel better about the situation and are more trusting of the process that has been laid out for Tanushree. There is always anxiety about the future, but we are taking it one day at a time,” says Dipika, who hopes her daughter can go back to drawing, dancing, and doing things that give her pleasure.

Tanushree dreams of growing up to become a food blogger and a chef. Thanks to your support, she has a chance of living her dream.

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