In pursuit of a future!

Young and bright, Tanuja is not giving up on her ambition — come what may!

Fourteen-year-old Tanuja from Khed Shivapur, a village in Pune District of Maharashtra, had everything going for her academically. An honours student, her school promoted her to English medium from Marathi because she was good at academics. Unfortunately, things took a drastic turn when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL) in October 2019.

Salmaroohi, our nutritionist at DMH Pune, remembers, “Tanuja always talks about becoming an IAS officer. I’m very proud of her, and she’s very dear to me. Her openness and positivity will take her very far.”

Tanuja’s mother, Kasturi, is a homemaker and her father is a daily wage worker. Kasturi remembers, “We were terrified initially because we did not know anything about the disease. My husband is the sole income provider for our family. Thanks to Cuddles Foundation, we could provide Tanuja with supplements and rations essential for her treatment. Salmaroohi, her nutritionist, is almost like a friend to our family. Tanuja still stays in touch with Salmaroohi over the phone.”

In addition, Tanuja and her family also benefited from the support group at the hospital. Tanuja’s mother says, “I was delighted after speaking to other parents who had spent considerable time on their child’s treatment. Under Salmaroohi’s guidance, we saw Tanuja’s health improve, which gave us courage. I want to assure other parents in the initial phase of their child’s diagnosis to trust and follow the treatment. My child got better, and so will yours.”

As of July 2021, Tanuja is well-nourished and currently on maintenance with a firm eye on her goals.

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