A spirited 5-year-old takes the fear out of cancer.

Story of how a strong spirit and mind can heal.

5-year-old Swara Bhogal from Baramati, Maharashtra, was diagnosed with B-Cell ALL (B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia) at Bharati Hospital in March 2020. But this fearless little girl made the road to recovery easier for her parents and herself.

Unlike Swara, Ranjit Bhogal, her father, took some time to reconcile with the situation. He says, “I had only heard about cancer but had never seen anyone with it. There isn’t any history of even diabetes and hypertension in our entire family. We did not tell Swara’s mother about her condition as we knew she would not be able to handle it. She came to know about it only when she Googled what Leukaemia is.”

The diagnosis happened in the middle of the lockdown, which made travelling to getting the proper treatment for Swara a little more complicated. Ranjit adds, “The Cuddles Program started just when Swara’s treatment began, and this helped our family because initially we also needed money for a range of medical tests. Things got better once we rented a place closer to Bharati Hospital in Pune instead of travelling 123 km from our hometown in Baramati.”

Deepika, our nutritionist at Bharati Hospital, is very hopeful about Swara’s progress. She says, “Swara’s treatment will last almost three years which can be hard for a five-year-old, but she has shown a lot of strength of character, which has also rubbed on to her family. They are more constructive about the treatment and work with me to improvise Swara’s food based on what she likes and what is best for her.”

Thanks to the Supplement, In-Meal, and Ration Programs so generously funded by you, we have been able to provide Swara with the much-needed nutrition. Your support has helped her gain healthy body weight, maintain strength and continue her treatment.

Swara has a chance at recovery and returning to a normal life, thanks to your constant support.

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