Food makes medicine work.

8-year-old Surya makes a comeback with good food and timely nutritional counselling.

In December 2020, 8-year-old Surya was diagnosed with T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (T-ALL), the most common type of childhood cancer. T-ALL is curable thanks to advances in medical science; however, both timely diagnosis and treatment are crucial.

Asha, Surya’s mother, was unaware of T-ALL’s high survival rate. She says, “As his mother, I had lost all hope of Surya’s recovery. When his treatment began, he was mildly malnourished and dealing with chemotherapy-induced side effects. Thanks to Cuddles nutritionist, Chanda’s guidance, Surya’s health improved gradually. I am very happy with the progress he is making. He has regained his appetite and enjoys the food you provide.

With your support, Surya has access to regular nutritional counselling, supplements and in-meals as part of our FoodHeals Program. From December 2020 to June 2021, Surya has gone from being mildly malnourished to well-nourished.

Chanda, our nutritionist at BHU Hospital, Varanasi, recollects Surya’s early days and is happy and relieved about his regained strength. She says, “Surya is a very friendly child, and we share a nice bond. I reached out to him and his mother when things were looking bleak for Surya. With regular nutritional counselling, I was able to bring a change in Surya’s food intake. The regular follow-ups ensured that we continue to work on Surya’s diet based on his changing health conditions.”

As of July 2021, Surya is in the interim maintenance phase of chemotherapy, and it will take him some time before he fully recovers from cancer. Once he does, he wishes to go back to school, meet his friends and spend time sketching and drawing. We hope your continued support will help Surya come closer to the old life he misses.

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