A 3-year-old is reclaiming her life with good food!

Story of how Surabhi is progressing through a tough prognosis.

Surabhi, a 3-year-old girl from Nanded, Maharashtra, was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Leukaemia, a cancer that starts in the immune cells and spreads rapidly. A prompt diagnosis can make all the difference in this kind of cancer. Surabhi began her treatment at Wadia Hospital in June 2019 in a severely malnourished state.

“During Surabhi’s hospital admission, the doctors had told her parents that the disease prognosis is poor. Surabhi was too young to understand the severity of the situation, while her parents gradually recovered from the initial shock,” informs Karishma, our nutritionist at Wadia Hospital. While Surabhi was unaware of the details, the discomfort of multiple infections and the inability to eat orally did affect her.

Shubhangi, Surabhi’s mother, says, “We were very shocked. How could a child get cancer? This period was tough for us, but we are glad we found people to support our child and to overcome the discomfort she was in.”

Cuddles has been working with children at more than 30 hospitals across India to ensure that every child is strong enough to undergo and complete treatment. By giving them free food, supplements, and monthly rations as per their diet plan, these children can beat cancer and find a way to rebuild their lives as more resilient human beings. And more importantly, they can go back to living their childhood.

Every year, we celebrate World Health Day on April 7th. This year, the focus is on ensuring that healthcare is accessible to everyone equally. With your support, Surabhi was able to access good nutrition so she can get well soon and play with her younger sister again.

“We started her nutrition intervention, and she received nutrition supplements, parenteral nutrition, lassi milkshake, and butter during her hospital stay. The supplements helped Surabhi gain weight despite multiple ICU admissions during her treatment. Her weight registered an increase of 1.2 kgs from December 2020 to March 2021. Her MUAC scores, which allows health workers to determine if a patient is acutely malnourished, also improved,” informs Khadija.

Thanks to your support, Surabhi is growing healthier and stronger every day!

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