A strong will to survive!

An aspiring doctor battles cancer with grace.

13-year-old Shifa from Malappuram, Kerala suffers from Ewing’s Sarcoma – a rare type of cancer that occurs in bones or in the soft tissue around the bones. Shifa was mildly underweight and withdrawn when her treatment began at Malabar Cancer Center (MCC), Thalassery.

Gopalakrishnan, our nutritionist at MCC, explains how he gradually worked with Shifa on her nutritional requirements, “I was very simple and clear about how nutrition could help Shifa overcome side-effects of the treatment and grow stronger. Gradually Shifa opened up to me and we worked on her diet plan together.”

Raseena, Shifa’s mother, who works as a teacher is grateful for Cuddles’ Supplement and Ration Program. She says, “Safina feels comfortable with Gopalakrishnan and that is a huge emotional support for all of us. Her health is improving which gives us hope for the future. We are thankful to everyone at Cuddles Foundation who made this tough time easy to bear.” Shifa has a promising future ahead. She is bright and wishes to become a doctor when she grows up. Shifa also loves to draw and paint. Art and her mother’s presence and care have given her the strength to carry on. Shifa says, “Amma, I am going to be okay because you are by my side.”

We hope that Shifa recovers fully and will come out stronger from this experience. She wishes to be a doctor when she grows up and heals others like her. Thanks to you, many children like Shifa are getting a second chance at living a fulfilling life.

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