The sweetness of a nurturing nutritionist and good food.

A 7-year-old cancer patient dreams of passing on the goodwill when she grows up.

Good health among children, especially those fighting a disease like cancer, is a by-product of good food, proper medication, and a nurturing environment. Luckily 7-year-old Saranya, who is courageously fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL), received all of this, thanks to your support.

Saranya began her treatment at Adyar Cancer Institute, a non-profit cancer treatment and research centre based in Chennai, in January 2021 under the supervision of our nutritionist Nivetha. In a matter of a few months, Saranya’s mental and physical well-being has improved tremendously. Nivetha says, “When I first met Saranya, she was sad and silent. My repeated interactions with her helped me to influence her mental and physical state positively. She can reconnect with the outside world, and her nutrition grade gradually changed from mild to well-nourished.”

April 7th marks the founding anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO). This year, the emphasis is on making sure that people access health services irrespective of their geographical location and economic status. Saranya’s family had access to nutritious food because of the Supplement Program, In-Meal Program, Ration Program, and Induction Kits you so generously support.

Devi, Saranya’s mother, is grateful for the change of events since her treatment began at Adyar. She says, “We were initially heartbroken with Saranya’s diagnosis, but Nivetha’s time and efforts have made all the difference. Saranya completely trusts Nivetha and is emotionally attached to her. She follows her advice and looks up to her like an elder sister.”

Saranya values the kindness she has received, both in terms of mental and nutritional support, and she wants to pass on the goodwill by treating the needy when she grows up. This inspires us to do what we do – it feels great to save a child’s life and encourage them to do good. We want to empower many more children like Saranya so they can make a difference in their lives and that of others. Your support keeps us going. Thank you for being an agent of change!

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