8-year-old Sanvith gears up for a healthier tomorrow.

A story of how other children in the hospital motivated young Savinth to be more healthy.

8-year-old Sanvith from Manipal, Karnataka, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in February 2020 and was admitted to KMC Hospital, Manipal as a mildly malnourished child. In the initial phase of his treatment, Sanvith had a painful swelling in the right shoulder, which made him cranky and interfered with his food intake.

Deepa, our Nutritionist at KMC Hospital, remembers her first few weeks with Sanvith – “The child was resisting all interventions on our part to improve his overall health using the Cuddles Ration Kit. I spent a lot of time explaining the importance of good nutrition and how his pain would subside if he ate the right food. He eventually believed me when he saw other children get better around him.”

Sanvith’s basal weight was at 18.6 kg, and post-surgery, he lost an additional two kgs. Sanvith’s mother was extremely distressed during this time. She says, “My husband has been unemployed for the last six months due to the pandemic, and I couldn’t even afford to buy ghee for him. Thanks to the Cuddles Ration Program, we were able to provide healthy food to our child, and there has been a remarkable improvement in his weight post-surgery. He now weighs 23.5 kg.”

Sanvith’s family does not have the additional pressure of providing good nutrition for him, making their life better. “I can now concentrate on taking good care of Sanvith and not constantly worry about the next meal. Deepa’s efforts to connect with my child have also made him cooperate with the prescribed treatment,” adds Sanvith’s mother.

It will take Sanvith another month to complete his treatment at KMC, Manipal before he is put on the maintenance cycle that will last approximately three years. Sanvith looks forward to being fed by his brother and dreams of growing up to become an engineer.

Thanks to you, Sanvith has a chance to live his dream one day.

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