An open child makes cancer rehabilitation easy.

Story of how a two-year-old child is responding to the magic of good nutrition.

Meet Rajveer Kesarkar, a 2-year-old boy from Chikodi, a city in the Belgaum district of Karnataka.He was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in October 2020.

“Rajveer is under the consolidation phase, which requires him to stay in the hospital for a month. He is a happy child and settles down well within the hospital environment. He knows many Doctors and Nurses by their names and is alert about his surroundings,” informs Madhumita, our Nutritionist at KLES, Belgaum.

He is on the Cuddles Ration and Supplement Program that you generously support every month. As part of the program, Rajveer receives a host of nutritious foods and nutrition supplements that help take care of his nutritional requirements during his treatment. “Rajveer truly enjoyed the food prescribed during his treatment. He loves the mango flavoured lassi, milkshake, and moong dal from the In meal Program. It is nice to see his face light up when he is eating and drinking,” says Vinod Kesarkar, Rajveer’s father who is by his side at the hospital while his wife takes care of their younger son at home.

Rajveer is well-nourished; his body weight has improved from 8.7 kgs to 9.5 kgs during his treatment at KLES, Belgaum.

“It has been easy to mould Rajveer’s behaviour toward healthy eating habits. The trick is to listen to the child’s needs and accommodate their liking into the diet chart. Rajveer resisted milk initially, but by modifying the taste aspect by providing him with milkshakes, we were able to ensure that milk was included in the diet. He has started to enjoy his food and his overall food consumption has gone up,” concludes Madhumita.

The access to all these nutritious foods has been possible because of your constant support. Thank you!

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