Trust and kindness are helping a 5-year-old boy recover.

Story of how a poor family from Kolar found a way during the pandemic.

This is the story of Pranith, a 5-year-old boy from Kolar Gold Field, a mining region in Karnataka, India. Pranith was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia this year in February, just before the pandemic. “We were initially in denial because we are not ready to deal with cancer and the realities of getting our son the right treatment during the lockdown. I had to move to a hostel near Shri Shankara Hospital in Bangalore so that we could be close to the hospital,” says Pranith’s mother, whose work as a daily wage worker was disrupted during the lockdown.

Pranith was initially on an ayurvedic treatment, and he was severely malnourished when he was admitted to Shri Shankara Hospital. “When I met Pranith first, he was only 8 kgs and was unable to walk because of spasms in his leg. He was also tired of the toll all these changes were taking on him and his family. He is a non-vegetarian, and it took some amount of time for him to warm up to the Cuddles In-meal and Supplement Program,” recalls Rathan, our Nutritionist at Shri Shankara Hospital. “But once he settled down to his new surroundings, he returned to his old sharp self. Pranith has a solid memory, and for a child that young to remember all his medicines and diet charts is amazing,” adds Rathan.

Pranith is now 12.5 kgs, and he wishes to return to his village in Kolar so he can be reunited with his siblings and grandparents, whom he keeps in touch with over the phone. “My mother was very touched with Pranith’s story even though he has never met him. She packs him nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals twice a week, which Pranith finishes with delight even though he still dreams of having his favourite chicken sambhar once he is healthier,” adds Rathan, who is very hopeful about the progress Pranith is making.

Pranith is trustful of the treatment and finds a way to connect with people while he is at Shri Shankara Hospital. Thanks to your support, Pranith and his family have found a new zeal of life despite all odds.

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