A mother’s unflinching determination becomes the ultimate medicine!

Story of how you are enabling an 8-year-old boy’s desire to live.

The ability to love unconditionally and protect her offspring is ingrained deeply in Priyanka Tambe, whose 8-year-old son, Pranit, was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in September 2020.

Neha Mistry, our nutritionist at Nair Hospital Mumbai, recalls the time when she first met Priyanka, “Pranit’s parents were devastated when they found out about his diagnosis. It was tough for them to believe that something like this could ever happen to their child. But Priyanka rose to the occasion and became the biggest moral support for her son and her husband.” Priyanka’s husband, Anil, resonates with Neha. He says, “It was unbearable for me to see my son suffer. After this experience, I have realised that women are stronger when it comes to knowing what is best for the child’s well-being. She became a source of strength for all of us and took quick decisions for Pranit’s treatment.”

Pranit’s diagnosis became more complicated after he tested COVID positive. At the time, they were at a private hospital and were financially ill-equipped to go ahead with his treatment. “Coming to Nair Hospital was the best decision we made. We received a lot of support and the right treatment for our son. Cuddles Programs enabled us to provide Pranit healthy food items from the ration basket-like flaxseeds, almonds, jaggery. Neha helped me understand the importance of some of these ingredients, and thanks to that, I could include them in Pranit’s diet. There was a complete shift in his diet, and that made me grow stronger,” says Priyanka.

Neha’s first conversation with the parents was over a call due to the lockdown; the call lasted almost one and a half hours because Anil and Priyanka had many questions regarding the diet plan recommended to them. Neha says, “I was happy that Priyanka immersed herself completely into Pranit’s diet. She was very constructive and helped me do my job well despite the physical distance between us.”

Priyanka is both relieved and happy about the Pranit’s progress. Her advice to other families dealing with a similar situation is not to let the negativity get to them. She says, “This experience has taught us so much about life. It is important not to wallow in self-pity because that can change the outcome of the situation. We should move ahead with what we have and do the best we can.”

Your support is motivating and comforting many mothers not to give up. Thank you for your help; it is priceless!

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