Follow through with calmness and diligence.

Story of how an eleven-year-old child is finding his way back to good health.

*Name and photo for representational purposes.

Nandita and Nikisha, our nutritionists at TMH, Mumbai, interact with children daily, but there was something that stood out about 11-year-old Pran instantly. “Pran is an exceptional child. He kept his calm when he was diagnosed with B-Cell ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia) in December 2020, knowing how concerned his parents are about his well-being,” says Nikisha.

Pran displayed a sense of maturity beyond his years and followed the diet plan prescribed to him – He was under the Cuddles Supplement and Ration Program. These programs are created keeping in mind each child’s personal needs and ensure that the child continues to develop despite chemotherapy. In three months, Pran has put on significant weight and gained height; and he is now in the interim maintenance cycle.

Chandar, Pran’s father, feels relieved because he knows Pran is getting the right kind of guidance and nutrition. He says, “It was very disheartening when Pran was first diagnosed with cancer. We were clueless about finding good doctors for a disease like cancer. The fear of losing our child was also overwhelming.”

He continues, “We are glad that we were able to find the right medical and nutritional support through TMH, Mumbai, and Cuddles Foundation. Thanks to their nutrition program, we were able to feed our child when his life depended on it; we were also running short on resources. When Pran was in the hospital because of severe pneumonia, it was quite scary for all of us. But with the help of the friendly and open team of nutritionists and doctors, we were able to fight back.”

Pran looks forward to meeting his friends and playing in the outdoors, just like old times. “I dream of becoming an Army officer so I can serve my country,” says a hopeful Pran. Thanks to your support, he has a chance of living his dreams and making a mark no matter where he goes.

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