A 5-year-old child survives cancer and returns to her old life.

Story of how a malnourished child survived cancer with nutritional interventions tailored to her needs.

This is the story of 5-year-old Noumika, who has successfully survived Wilms’ tumor, a rare kidney cancer that primarily affects children. Noumika began her treatment at MCC, Thalassery, in March 2020 with the Cuddles Supplement Program, Egg and Milkshake Program, and Ration Kit Program.

Vinod, Noumika’s father, who works as a driver, was distressed with the diagnosis and the financial implications of such a treatment. He says, “The programs helped our family in getting Noumika the appropriate nutrition at the right time. I was away from work for a while to be with Noumika and my wife during this time. It helped that we live near the hospital. We are very happy that Noumika has survived cancer, and we can all go back to our lives.”

Neethu, our Nutritionist at MCC, Thalassery, is also relieved for the whole family. She says, “When I first met Noumika, she was shy, and I had to reach out to her so that she does not feel alienated from the hospital environment. Her parents were by her side and working with me on Noumika’s diet. While her father’s presence comforted Noumika because they are best friends, her mother understood the importance of nutrition. She took a keen interest in making food items that Noumika was not fond of; exciting and edible.

Vinod adds, “Neethu is like family to us. We feel comfortable talking to her and clearing our doubts. Noumika is also fond of Neethu even though she is a shy child.” His only piece of advice to families undergoing a similar situation is not to give up, trust the hospital staff, and believe in God and the treatment.”

Noumika, who wants to grow up to be a Doctor one day, is back with her family. She finds comfort in the familiar and is making up for the lost time with her parents, brother, and grandmother. Thanks to your support, Noumika has survived cancer and will be able to live her dream one day.

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