Power of a purposeful family and good nutrition!

Story of how 15-year-old Mohit is bravely dealing with his condition.

Our influences during our formative years shape the rest of our lives. The importance of teaching healthy habits during childhood cannot be emphasised enough considering how malleable a child’s personality is. A nurturing environment can empower a child to deal with any crisis as an adult. 15-year-old Mohit is lucky to have parents who raised him on a steady dose of love and yoga. Unfortunately, his resilience was put to the test when he was diagnosed with B-Cell ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia) in 2019.

“My father used to hide and cry when I started receiving chemotherapy and IV injections because my mother and I were initially unaware about cancer. Then one day, when I read in my file ‘Leukaemia,’ I Googled it and realised I have cancer,” says Mohit, who can be an inspiration for both adults and children. Mohit’s awareness of his condition and the ability to articulate it bravely is a source of strength for him and his family. Despite his diagnosis, Mohit has stuck to his early morning routine of doing yoga at 5. “It helps me de-stress and gives me a clear state of mind,” adds Mohit, who is now under maintenance cycle and is back in his hometown, Buldhana, which is 490 km from Mumbai.

“Initially, we were very overwhelmed with the cost of the treatment because Mohit’s diagnosis happened in the middle of the lockdown. I work in the local court, and my work was affected because of this. The city of Mumbai can be tough to figure out if you are from a small town. But the help we received because of Cuddles’ Ration, In-Meal and Supplement Program made a lot of difference. I am positive about Mohit’s recovery,” adds Mohit’s father, who is also his son’s listening board and source of strength.

Samina, our nutritionist at KEM Mumbai, adds, “Mohit and his family are one of the nicest people I have met. They look out for themselves and others around them. Mohit’s father would often check on how my family was coping with the lockdown during our interactions. Mohit is also a very mature and sweet boy. Thanks to the emphasis on healthy habits in their daily lives, it was easy to work with him and his family. I am very hopeful about his recovery.”

Before Mohit’s diagnosis, he was aiming to become an IES officer. But this experience of surviving cancer has made him rethink his life over the last few years, and he now wishes to be an Indian classical musician. Your support not only helps many children like Mohit, but it also helps to build a bright future for our society with well-adjusted human beings like him. So, thank you.

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