Finding their way back.

A family’s journey to recovery.

Trauma due to the loss of a loved one takes time to heal. It is even more difficult when that loved one is your spouse. Mohammad Amin Wani from Budgam district in Srinagar had to face the loss of his wife and elder son in the last two years. For the last seven years, he has also been unemployed and supports himself and his two daughters with help from benefactors.

Things took a turn for the worse when his younger daughter, Khushboo, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL). The diagnosis added to the financial, mental, and physical strain of the three-member family. “When I found out about Khushboo’s diagnosis, I was devastated because I lost my wife to cancer a couple of years back. The thought of going through the same process all over again was terrifying. But with Cuddles Foundation’s support, I was able to give my daughter proper nutrition and we continued her treatment at SKIMS, Srinagar.”

Khushnuma, our nutritionist at SKIMS, Srinagar, recollects, “After the first few sessions with the child and the father, they did not come back for the next phase until four months. When we tried to follow up, we found out that her father had got typhoid. They were not willing to come for the treatment because of severe financial constraints and phobia of the treatment; since he was left alone to take care of his daughter. With reassurance and counselling on the importance of treatment for fighting the disease, they came back to get her treated.”

Khushboo is now well-nourished, thanks to the Ration and Supplement Program you generously support. With frequent counselling and nutritional interventions, Khushboo’s condition has stabilised, and her father is doing his best to keep things together for the family. He adds, “I regret the time wasted in getting Khushboo started on treatment and then leaving it midway. I would request other parents not to make the same mistake.”

We hope that Khushboo makes a full recovery and can go back to living a healthy and fulfilling life ahead. She wishes to go back to school and study Urdu. Thank you again for enabling us to help a child in need!

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