5-year-old Jashwanth is striding in victory

Story of how your support has helped little Jashwanth walk again.

5-year-old Jashwanth began his treatment for GCT (Germ Cell Tumour) in November 2020 at MNJ Hospital, Hyderabad. He was in a very critical condition before starting treatment and couldn’t walk. His mom carried him wherever he went. She recalls, “I missed those days when my child used to run around and play. I wished he could do it again.”

“Jashwanth was well-nourished when he came to the hospital. But he couldn’t walk because he had a tumour in his pelvic region. We decided to put him under the Monthly Ration and Supplement Programs to prepare him for the surgery and treatment. Cuddles’ Ration Bundle contains highly nutritious food items like almonds, jaggery, ghee, dalia, nuts, pulses and legumes necessary for a child who has to undergo radiation therapy or surgery,” explains Sahiti, our nutritionist at the hospital.

“Whenever I gave the ration and supplements to Jashwanth, his mother would always ask me if it would help him walk again. It made me very emotional, but I couldn’t say anything to bring her hopes up; I wasn’t sure about it yet,” says Sahiti.

Jashwanth had to undergo surgery in February 2021 to remove his tumour. The surgery was fortunately successful. “After the surgery, we continued providing him with ration and supplements and eventually, we could see the results. He was able to stand on his own and walk without support,” Sahiti continues.

Jashwanth’s mom was ecstatic about his recovery. Right after he stood for the first time without any support, she came running to call our nutritionist and show her his progress.

His mom says, “As the treatment was about to start, we were advised to include nutritious food items like almond, jaggery, peanuts and ghee into Jashwanth’s diet, but we couldn’t afford it. We honestly didn’t know what to do. Jashwanth’s dad had lost his job during the pandemic, and we were already finding it hard to make ends meet. But when Sahiti told us that we were eligible for the Ration Program from Cuddles Foundation, it made all the difference. I started making laddoos with almonds, jaggery and ghee for him, among other things. We could see the improvement in his health every day.”

“It was a very proud moment for us. I’m quite happy that Jashwanth has shown such tremendous improvement. His legs are much stronger now. We’re confident that he’ll continue to improve,” signs off Sahiti.

Although Jashwanth has completed his surgery, doctors are still waiting on his scans to confirm if he needs radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Meanwhile, Jashwanth and his parents look forward with high hopes towards a better future for him.

Great medicine needs good food, and thanks to your support, the goodness of nutritious food is healing many children like Jashwanth. We hope that he continues to enjoy good food and makes a full recovery.

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