An 11-year-old outdoor lover is calmly beating cancer.

Story of how young Hira is healing with your help.

*Name and photo for representational purposes.

11-year-old Hira from Pune was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL), the most common type of cancer in children, earlier this year. However, Hira is unlike other children his age despite his unfortunate circumstances. Nikisha, our nutritionist at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, where he is currently seeking treatment, recollects, “During the treatment, Hira developed mucositis, which is a painful condition caused by inflammation and mouth ulcers. Despite the complication, he has been extremely calm and cooperative, which has helped me do my job well.”

Hira’s father adds, “The last few months have been very tough and emotional for us. We took some time reconciling with the situation and eventually found the strength to carry on and do the best we could for Hira. Cuddles Foundation’s support was invaluable because it helped us feed our child when we couldn’t afford it at all.”

Many families and children are slowly regaining physical strength because of your generous support. Thanks to you, Hira had access to good nutritious food as part of the Ration and Supplement Programs, helping him grow stronger every day. We hope Hira makes a full recovery and can go back to doing things he enjoyed before his diagnosis. “I love spending time outdoors with my friends. I miss that,” concludes Hira.

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