How a spirited Deep is fighting cancer.

Story of how a 4-year-old boy is making each day count.

Before 4-year-old Deep was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, he spent his time playing, relishing his favourite dish, chicken biryani, and dreaming of being a police officer when he grew up. The diagnosis came in the way of his school admission, and he was admitted to Saroj Gupta, Kolkata, for treatment. Up until then, he was under non-formal education at ICDS School in his locality.

“Deep is our only child, and we were terrified and confused because of his condition. I had to take multiple consultations from various practitioners to confirm Deep’s diagnosis. It was not easy handling everything, but we have all learned and grown from this,” says Dipika Sardar, Deep’s mother. She adds, “It helps that Deep does not understand the seriousness of his condition and goes about his day interacting with others in the ward. For the past year, he has been following the diet plan well, and I hope he can complete his treatment successfully.”

It will take a total of four years before Deep is declared a cancer survivor. Rosy, our Nutritionist at Saroj Gupta Hospital, informs, “Deep is a young child, and he has taken well to the food provided to him as part of our programs. The In-meal program, Sattu & Chikki Program and Ration Program has helped Deep maintain his nutritional status and gain 2-2.5 kgs during a high chemotherapy dose.

While Deep is oblivious to his condition and has found a way to reconcile with his time spent in the hospital, he does long to go home. Deep is now in the maintenance cycle, and he will return home thanks to your constant support.

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