From a cancer patient to an aspiring doctor.

Story of how a twelve-year-old child found his silver lining.

12-year-old Balaguru from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, has come a long way since he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) – a type of blood cancer that starts in the bone marrow. AML progresses rapidly, but this strong boy has found a way to overcome this time of crisis. After witnessing the pain and distress caused by cancer on himself and other children, he wants to help those in need by becoming a doctor.

Sudha, Balaguru’s mother, talks about the pleasant change in events, “When Balaguru was diagnosed with cancer, we were very shocked. We had no understanding of the disease, which added to our helplessness. But thanks to the doctors and nutritionists at Adyar Cancer Institute, we were able to get the proper help at the right time. The nutritious food provided by Cuddles Foundation took the financial burden off us and provided our family with a lot of relief.”

Nivetha, our nutritionist at Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai, is equally pleased with Balaguru’s progress since his diagnosis in December 2020. She says, “When I met Balaguru for the first time, he was severely malnourished and had trouble adjusting to the new diet requirements. He initially resisted healthy food items like porridge. Still, after speaking to him, he was able to understand the importance of good nutrition, and he took it upon himself to follow the diet sincerely.”

“Once I’m fully recovered, I would love to explore the city with my nutritionist,” says Balaguru, who is quite fond of Nivetha. In fact, he also frequently checks on her food intake!

Sudha adds, “I was very pleased with Nivetha’s effect on Balaguru. Thanks to her, Balaguru is recovering well, and we are hoping that he will be a cancer survivor one day. I want to encourage other parents with children who have cancer to get proper treatment because this is a curable disease.”

This optimism towards her son’s progress also shows in Balaguru’s health. Thanks to the Ration and Supplement Program you so generously support, Balaguru’s nutritional status has changed from severe thinness to moderate thinness. He has gained 3.5kgs over the last 2.5 months with the proper nutrition.

Thank you for helping many children like Balaguru to heal and grow.

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