“We will be her strength in this battle, no matter how much time it takes.”

Story of how your support is motivating Azkiya’s parents to keep going.

2020 has been a year unlike any other for all of us. The collective grief that we have experienced during the pandemic has brought out the best in many people. We have learned to slow down, be compassionate to each other and introspect in our lives.

For Gulshan Begum and her husband, Mhd. Ashraf Wagay, 2020 became even more critical when their 9-year-old daughter Azkiya was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma – a very rare type of cancerous tumour that grows in and around the bones.

Gulshan informs, “The very first time Azkiya got unwell, she was struggling with pain. We thought we were going to lose our daughter. Then when we got to know about her diagnosis, it was a difficult moment. We felt she, being our delicate tiny baby, will not be able to battle through this disease.

During her treatment at SKIMS Srinagar, her struggle with the disease was heartbreaking for us to see, and many times we thought of giving up on the treatment and taking her back home for whatever time she would have had. But because of the support and effort of the team, and the courage our daughter showed throughout, we are hopeful about her recovery. We are also ready to invest ourselves and be her strength in the battle, no matter how much time it takes.”

Thanks to your support, Azkiya’s parents have not given up hope. Azkiya has been part of the Supplement Program, In-Meal Program, Ration Program since October 2020. “For all that we got from Cuddles Foundation – we never had to plead or make any extra efforts. It was always very heartwarming to see the involvement and the efforts. The ration, supplements, and in-meals have been of great help in the unrest that followed because of the lockdown. It has relieved us from all her major food needs and purchases,” adds Gulshan Begum.

Your help has ensured that Azkiya grows stronger by the day because good food makes medicine work. Azikya has a long way to go before she can be declared a cancer survivor, but she is well on the road to recovery, thanks to you.

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