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Story of how 12-year-old Anenzi is defeating cancer.

12-year-old Anenzi, from Kohima, Nagaland, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia at our partner hospital Dr B Borooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati. In addition to this, Anenzi is also bravely fighting other health complications during treatment.

Momi, our nutritionist at BBCI, Guwahati, informs, “Anenzi’s appetite took a major hit due to multiple blood transfusions and many episodes of fever. In her condition, a high standard of hygiene and nutrition must be practised. I am glad both Anenzi and her parents did not give up on the treatment protocol despite her medical complications. She was able to recover quickly from chemotherapy-related side effects because of the nutritious food items provided to her as part of the Cuddles Supplement and In-Meal Program.”

Elizabeth, Anenzi’s mother, who works as a social worker in Kohima, vouches for the power of good nutrition. She says, “Cuddles’ Programs helped us a lot, considering I am the only earning member of my family. It saved us a lot of money and also saved my daughter’s life. Anenzi has picked up some very healthy habits and has started enjoying milk which she used to avoid earlier.”

Momi also believes that Anenzi’s commitment to getting better greatly improved her chances at defeating cancer. Momi remembers how Anenzi had started writing all the food she wanted to eat or avoid in her diary. Anenzi’s meticulous sincerity towards her diet made her grow stronger and overcome chemotherapy-related side effects. Elizabeth is glad about the subsequent change in events and is looking forward to better times ahead for her family.

Elizabeth gives an encouraging message to other families who are in a similar situation. She says, “When my child was in the first consolidation stage, she had high fever and became unconscious. During this time I realised that it’s all about teamwork that includes the efforts of parents, doctors, nutritionists, and nurses. Crying and worrying about your child won’t solve the problem. You need to trust the hospital staff and should be confident enough to face the situation, keeping the child’s best interest in mind.”

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