A meritorious student and basketball player fights cancer and superstitions.

Story of how a 16-year-old girl is making a comeback.

Before 16-year-old Aneesha was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML), a type of blood cancer, she was busy playing basketball at the state level and studying hard to ace her examinations with first division. The diagnosis made her rethink her life choices. She was admitted to NRS, Kolkata for treatment right after her class X board examinations.

“I was diagnosed with AML on 16th March 2020 just after my class X examinations, and this changed a lot of things for my family and me. I have a very active lifestyle, which includes equal amounts of time for sports and school. I miss my friends too, but I realised that my health is a priority before anything,” says the ambitious Aneesha, who wants to be a mathematician like her father and also a basketball player when she grows up.

Aneesha’s parents and her entire family are trying to do everything in their might to make sure that Aneesha gets to live her dreams one day. “The Supplement and In-Meal Program by Cuddles Foundation has helped us provide Aneesha with different supplements that are essential for her treatment. Thanks to Shrabashi’s efforts, Aneesha and I regained our lost courage and felt motivated to keep going,” says Baby, Aneesha’s mother. “The last few months have not been easy. We could not make sense of the news that our only child has a 0.1% chance of survival. We had many misconceptions about the disease, and we also had to face severe discrimination from our relatives and our neighbours. Some felt that this happened to Aneesha because she is a basketball player, while others felt that cancer is a communicable disease,” adds Baby.

Shrabashi, our Nutritionist at NRS, Kolkata was always there for Aneesha and her family while they battled the disease and the baseless biases from society. “I spent a lot of time assuring Aneesha that this is not the end, and she will be able to study and play once again. The backlash that she and her family faced during this time also needed my intervention. I did my best to dispel various myths and superstitions about the disease so that the family could concentrate on the treatment,” says Shrabashi.

Aneesha is on her 5th cycle of chemotherapy and is due for a bone marrow transplant. She has a long way to go before she fully recovers, but she is growing stronger every day, thanks to your support.

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