A 5-year-old’s love for good food is saving her life!

Story of how Amrutha is growing stronger every day, thanks to you.

5-year-old Amrutha is the eldest of the three siblings in her family. She’s from Hagaranura, a village in Bellary district of Karnataka. Amrutha was diagnosed with B-Cell ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia) at Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation, Bengaluru, a hospital 337 KM away from.

Thanks to your support, Amrutha has been on the Supplement and In-meal Program, helping her grow strong every day. Amrutha’s parents were initially taken aback by the diagnosis, and it took them some time to understand the importance of nutrition.

Amrutha, on the other hand, has been diligent with her diet from the beginning. “I had no problem in motivating Amrutha to follow the new diet. She genuinely enjoys the food,” recalls our nutritionist at Sri Shankara. Back home and before cancer, Amrutha would always make sure that her two younger brothers ate right and well. “My brothers are picky eaters, and I miss scolding and playing with them,” says Amrutha, who wants to grow up to be a teacher.

Amrutha’s mother adds, “Initially we don’t know anything about cancer. The relocation to Bangalore made things more complicated as we had to leave our cattle and agricultural land in Hagaranura. Our sons are back with their grandparents in the village. Thanks to the food provided by you and the stay provided by the hospital, we feel less burdened.”

Great medicine needs good food, and thanks to your support, the goodness of nutritious food is healing many children like Amrutha. We hope that she continues to enjoy good food and makes a full recovery.

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