“Mothers double up as half a doctor.”

Story of how good nutrition helped a child fight infection and grow stronger.

2-year-old Aksh has come a long way since he was diagnosed with B-Cell ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia) in March 2021 at BMCH, (Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital) Jaipur. During Aksh’s diagnosis, he was extremely weak and withdrawn. Aksh’s condition further worsened because of lung-related infections and he was admitted to the ICU.

Sangeeta, Aksh’s mother says, “We were really shocked with Aksh’s diagnosis, and the time he spent in the ICU was extremely nerve-wracking for us. But thanks to the guidance and nutritional supplements we received, we were able to provide Aksh with the strength needed to fight these infections successfully.” Aksh has been on Cuddles’ Supplement Program and In-Meal Program, which is part of a multi-pronged approach to nutritional counselling and diet planning.

“With the right nutrition, a child experiences better immunity against infection and reduced side-effects. Initially, Aksh did not have chapati, dal, or milk, but after I counselled him, he started eating well. I was a bit worried about him when he was in the ICU, but because of the nutritious food, he recovered from his infections,” says Neelam, our nutritionist at BMCH, Jaipur.

Thanks to your support, we have provided Aksh with supplements that were essential for his recovery. Aksh’s father works as delivery personnel, and his mother is a homemaker. “We would not have been able to afford the expenses of these nutritious supplements without the help we received from Cuddles Foundation. I am happy with the progress Aksh is making,” says Sangeeta, who believes that mothers have a significant role to play in a child’s recovery. “Mothers have to double up as half a doctor and motivate the child to follow the prescribed treatment and diet. Neelam empowered me to do my best for Aksh,” adds Sangeeta.

As part of the programs supported by you, Aksh received food items like peanuts, moong dal, milkshake, ghee, dry fruits, and milk powder. In addition, he had access to nutritional supplements like Pediasure, which helped improve his nutritional status from moderately malnourished to well-nourished in just two months.

Through partnerships with government and charitable cancer hospitals, we are able to treat many underprivileged children like Aksh with the highest need for nutrition. This wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

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