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Story of how you are uplifting 5-year-old Abhigyan into a healthier space.

If you interrupt 5-year-old Abhigyan during his plane-making sessions, chances are you will get no response. That’s just how passionate he is about flying, and he dreams of becoming a pilot when he grows up. By now, Abhigyan would have been at school, studying towards fulfilling his dream. But, unfortunately, he was diagnosed in January 2021 with Wilms’ Tumour, a cancer of the kidneys that typically affects children.

The silver lining to his story is that he was well-nourished at the time of his diagnosis. Koyel, our nutritionist at NRS Hospital Kolkata, informs, “While Abhigyan was healthy when his treatment began, nutritional interventions were essential to maintain his nutritional status throughout the treatment. Since Abhigyan’s treatment began in January 2021, he never became underweight, his blood parameters remained stable, and his prognosis was quite good compared to other Wilms’ tumour patients.”

Abhigyan was able to stay healthy thanks to the Supplement, Hot Meal and In-Meal Programs you generously support. Tapati Das, Abhigyan’s mother, is grateful for these timely interventions. She says, “We were heartbroken when we found out about my son’s diagnosis. It was scary. But thanks to Koyel’s counselling, we were able to bounce back quickly and make sense of the situation.”

Koyel credits Tapati for her cooperative and friendly behaviour, making it easier for her to work and chart out a diet plan closest to their cultural preferences. “Many of the Bengali staple foods are rich in fibre and vitamins. So, there wasn’t a massive shift in his diet. He was just surprised by this sudden obsession with his daily intake. When I explained to him the importance of nutrition and its impact on his health with examples, he understood the situation entirely,” adds Koyel.

While good food is making sure that Abhigyan continues his journey towards a full recovery, his first love is still planes. Thanks to your help, we hope Abhigyan will come out with flying colours from this challenging time. Till then, his parents are making sure that he continues to balance his diet under the able guidance of our nutritionist and studies as much as he can at home.

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